Quick and Easy Jumbo Yarn Blanket – A FREE Crochet Pattern

As winter sets in here in Canada, I’m bringing out all the warm layers and blankets to help with the chill. After a day of tobogganing and playing in the snow, we love to make a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the electric fireplace, and snuggle up under a soft blanket. Is there anyContinue reading “Quick and Easy Jumbo Yarn Blanket – A FREE Crochet Pattern”

Watermelon Wall Hanging – A FREE Crochet Pattern

Summer is over, and I made great memories with my toddler as we spent a lot of time in the garden growing various flowers. We sat in the garden basking in the sun, admiring the bloomed flowers, drinking lemonade, eating watermelon, and occasionally chasing after a butterfly. The lustrous colours of the watermelon and itsContinue reading “Watermelon Wall Hanging – A FREE Crochet Pattern”

Self Love Club – FREE Tapestry Crochet Wall Hanging

It might be hard to love yourself sometimes, but it is much harder to not love yourself. You have to choose yourself, my beautiful friend. You have to love who you are and stop putting yourself down because you have entire galaxies inside of you. You have ideas and experiences and dreams that no oneContinue reading “Self Love Club – FREE Tapestry Crochet Wall Hanging”

Boss Babe Wall Hanging – Tapestry Crochet Pattern

I am excited to share with you my latest pattern, the Boss Babe wall hanging. So who is a Boss Babe? A person who is bold, confident, in charge of their own life; someone who is unapologetic and not shy to express their authenticity. Previously, this was phrase which was strictly reserved for women, butContinue reading “Boss Babe Wall Hanging – Tapestry Crochet Pattern”

Get Naked Bathmat – Tapestry Crochet Pattern

Inspiration Spring is around the corner and it’s time to warm up the décor in preparation of bright sunny days. This modern and fun bathmat would be perfect addition to your new bathroom makeover. The bathmat is practical and stylish and a great conversation piece. Choose your own vibrant contrasting colors to suit your homeContinue reading “Get Naked Bathmat – Tapestry Crochet Pattern”